Montes de Valvení was founded in 2012 as a company dedicated, not only to obtain products from our bees but also to divulge beekeeping. Our activities are developed in the region of Castile and Lion, located in the plateau on northwest Spain. In this countryside of ancient beekeeping tradition, high quality honeys have been obtained for centuries. We have always encouraged the proximity to consumers. We believe that the knowledge of a product is the way to assess it in perspective. We believe in our particular way of doing our work and we are proud of the results.

None of this would be meaningless without an exciting outreach work

The product knowledge is the key to value it properly , so we strive to raise awareness of our work and the surprising life of bees . Through the tours we offer in our facilities and apiaries or talks and tastings we teach out of them , we introduce those interested in the fascinating world of bees and honey, beekeeping and benefits of your practice

We are in the district of Cerrato, a region with ancient beekeeping tradition

We are convinced that the right way to get the best honey is taking care of every detail of the process . So we take time and effort to finding the best locations for our apiaries , attend each hive to their individual needs and pay special attention to the whole process of extracting and packaging of honey , without using high temperatures to avoid altering its properties. The honey that comes to the table of our consumers is simply that our bees have collected.

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Miel Montes de Valvení

47200 Valoria la Buena - VALLADOLID (Spain)

Tel: (+34) 625 611 307 (+34) 661 506 792